Artists - Packages

Audience Growth

Are you looking to expand the reach of your music or art? Let us help you grow a fan base and increase your visibility.

Our Process

Here are some questions that we’ll help you answer while we work together:

Q: How do I ensure my brand continues to attract attention?

A: Brand Strategy

What’s Included: Brand styleguide, logo, brand messaging

We will help determine how to amplify or redesign your brand to captivate the attention of new audiences. This includes the development of a brand story, personality, and positioning that will make you stand out from other artists in your space. 

Q: How do I grow my social media following and reach new audiences?

A: Content Strategy

What’s Included: Social Media Strategy, Blog Strategy, Newsletter Strategy

By curating a specific content strategy to align with your brand messaging, we will get both old and new audiences to share your content and convert more online visitors into advocates of your art. 

Q: How do I build a website to establish my credibility?

A: The Free Logic Approach to Web Design

What’s Included: Wireframes, WordPress Website, Search Engine Optimization, Website analytics, website hosting & maintenance

We will design a website based on your brand messaging and audience interactions. Your website will integrate all the necessary tools to connect with fans and draw attention to performance opportunities.

Q: How do I get opportunities to perform and gain publicity?

A: Events & Public Relations

After your brand has established credibility, We will work closely with you to land performance opportunities and obtain features in press releases that will further your growth as an artist.