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Are you looking to generate revenue and capture value from your audience? Let us help you build a merchandise store that will convert sales. 

Our Process

Here are some questions that we’ll help you answer while we work together:

Q: How do I know how much it costs to start a merch store?

A: Cost Breakdown Analysis

What’s Included: Profit Maximization Model

To launch a successful merch store, it is important to first understand all the various costs associated with the process. We will remove all the complexities and guessing from the process of building a merch store by designing a model to break down all the costs and analyze how to make the most profit.

Q: How do I know where to buy and print/embroider my merch?

A: Logistics Planning

After understanding the cost associated with building a merch store, it is important to identify the best logistics to buy and print/embroider the merch. We will help find the best manufactures and clothing print shops to take your ideas and turn them into tangible products. 

Q: How do I sell my merch online?

A: ECommerce Website

What’s Included: Wireframes, WordPress Website, Search Engine Optimization, Website analytics, website hosting & maintenance

We will design an Ecommerce website based on your brand messaging with an amazing customer experience in mind. Your website will integrate all the necessary tools to sell products, connect with fans, and scale your product offering.

Q: How do I increase my merch sales?

A: Lead Generation Strategy

What’s Included: Email Marketing, Facebook & google advertising, advanced search engine optimization, marketing automation

After your merch store has been launched, we will focus our efforts on growing your sales. We will utilize PPC, email marketing, and SEO to attract and convert more online visitors into paying customers.