Building Your Brand Marketing Strategy

A Brand marketing strategy refers to the way in which you strategically promote your brand and its services in order to build awareness and generate sales. It tells the story of your product or service by emphasizing your brand as a whole. In this guide, we’ll break down what exactly a brand marketing strategy is and how to effectively develop your own brand marketing strategies in order to ensure a successful framework for your business. 

There are a number of benefits that come from building a strong brand. Increased awareness, credibility, customer satisfaction, and reputation all serve in attracting more consumers. The bottom line is: those with high brand value will continue to generate high sales.

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Branding vs. Marketing

It is crucial to understand the distinct differences between branding and marketing in order to use them cohesively. At its core, marketing is how you promote your product, service, or brand in order to build awareness and generate sales. Branding, however, is the way you communicate what your brand stands for and its value propositions. 

While both are key elements of a successful business, you must start with branding. As the foundation of an effective marketing strategy, you must identify what exactly your brand stands for before you can market it. Regardless of your industry, size, or product or service, you must determine what you are as a brand before developing your marketing strategy. 

Communicating Your Brand’s Value

There are numerous factors that contribute to a purchase decision–most of them being more than the product or service itself. At the heart of the buyer’s journey, consumers are looking to create a bond with a brand that they believe will give them value. Understanding how the average consumer perceives your brand is vital to marketing it positively and effectively. Here are the top four ways you can communicate your brand’s value:

Targeting Your Brand

In order to market your brand, you must first determine who you are marketing it to. Building brand value starts with identifying who exactly would find your brand valuable to begin with. Who is your target audience? What are their needs? What marketing channels are they using? After answering these questions, you must tailor your brand’s messaging to your target audience’s primary marketing channels. A stronger, more valuable message will resonate more when it is specific to its audience. 

Creating A Consistent Tone of Voice

Brand consistency is regarded as the delivery of messaging that is in line with a brand’s identity, values, and strategy. It is vital to ensure that all of the content and messaging that falls under your brand is consistent across each platform. A formalized tone of voice helps to mitigate any confusion that your audience may have regarding your brand’s personality. This alignment allows them to easily associate your content and messaging. 

Designing Your Brand

So, who is your business as a brand? In order to find this answer, you must first define your brand. This means identifying the external aspects that communicate your brand’s values, like its logo, business colors, and typography. For example, if you want to communicate luxury and sophistication, you might choose a black and white color palette and a serif font. If you want your brand to embody passion and playfulness, you might go with brighter, more dramatic branding colors and a slab serif typography. The possibilities are limitless and these design choices play an integral role in the foundation of your brand. You’ll want to spend some time choosing them carefully in order to fully embody what you want your brand to stand for. 

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Giving Your Brand Meaning

The best way to sell your brand is to make it meaningful–to make consumers resonate with it. Brand value is more than just what your product or service provides, it’s about your ability to form a bond with your consumers in order to form a long-lasting connection. 

Build an Emotional Connection

In today’s overcrowded marketplace, it’s hard to stand out. While products and services are more or less similar, a strong emotional connection is oftentimes the key to ensuring a sale. This means that you must be able to market your brand in an empathetic way–ensuring that consumers know that you deeply care about them and their experience with your offering. Connecting with your customers on this emotional level often exceeds their expectations and creates brand loyalty. 

Create Valuable Content

Content has quickly become one of the most effective ways to continuously communicate your brand’s value to a vast audience. Whether you are posting on social media platforms, writing a blog, or sending an email, it is important to make it valuable. Creating stories, providing information, and using the proper language are all ways you can keep your content both focused and valuable.

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Evolving Your Strategy

In the end, the value of your brand comes down to your ability to set yourself apart from your competitors. You must be able to tell a better story, solve another problem, and provide more value in order to effectively market yourself. The more thorough you are in creating your brand marketing strategy, the more you will be able to grow with each of your marketing campaigns and strategies. 

Final Thoughts on Brand Marketing Strategy

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