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A Southern California based music discovery platform that serves as a launchpad for the next generation of musicians. Our vision is to inspire young artists, showcase unseen talent to help musicians accelerate their careers, provide the tools necessary for success in the music industry, and give back to artist communities to help plant the seed for future talent.

The Challenge

Acoustic Haven launched in 2020 as a cross-collaboration project between three companies located at Riverside Studios. The team had perfected the content creation portion of the platform. However, a centralized website was needed for the distribution of each season’s content, so that Acoustic Haven could build an online presence with a clear brand image.

The Approach

Our team took on the role to design the entire digital strategy behind Acoustic Haven in under one month to launch the platform. Our focus was on two core areas of the digital strategy:

  • A responsive website that is mobile optimized (mobile accounts for over 50% of web traffic), attractive brand design targeting younger audiences, and which captures analytics to help improve the scalability of the show.

  • A content strategy that enabled massive awareness behind Acoustic Haven by curating social media content for various channels of distributions.

The Results

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Season 1 Release


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Season 1 Release


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