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Indie Rock Band


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With a name inspired by the precocious, sunny aesthetic of everyone’s favorite Mario game: Delfino^2 (Delfino Squared), hopes to shift outlooks to the carefree positive perspective that their namesake embodies. Delfino^2 fuses multiple genres in an attempt to convey all of the subtleties and complexities of our everyday feelings. From subtle tingles of regret to the euphoria of childhood, Delfino^2 aims to help you explore your emotions in depths you never thought possible via music.

The Challenge

Delfino^2 started as a group of guys wanting to make music; however, they had no clear brand that would make them stand out from the rest of the indie rock bands making great music in California. They only had 17 social media followers and a demo tape of a song, so there was a lot of work needed to create a brand identity that encompassed their passion for music.

The Approach

Our team loved the music Delfino^2 was creating and started working on how to position their brand in a way that was genuine to all their actions. We worked with the four band members of Delfino^2 on three core areas of a digital strategy:


  • A brand strategy that identified their audience segment, established their personality, and created credibility behind their music.

  • A content strategy that enabled massive awareness for the release of their first EP by curating a social media strategy from content captured at live events.

  • A responsive website that is mobile optimized (mobile accounts for over 50% of web traffic), attractive brand design targeting younger audiences, and a scalable architecture to support a merch store and ticket ordering system for events.

The Results

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