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Amplifying ESR’s Pursuit of Re-Imagining Audio​

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The Challenge

EDGE Sound Research approached us to build a unique brand and online presence that will establish the experiential audio category. The catch: ESR is trailblazing the audio-tech sector with their new invention, ResonX, a product that would enable users to both feel and hear sound. Our team knew we had to create a revolutionary website that symbolized forward thinking, yet enabled website visitors to tap into their visceral senses. As an homage to their product, ESR’s website needed to convey sensory and audio/visual experiences the same way the technology does. The challenge came from having to establish a credible and educated brand that would attract the interest of investors, large scale business partners, and consumers looking for new audio experiences. With no name and established brand behind them, our team took upon the challenge of introducing to the public how sound experiences will forever change through a visually engaging and informative website. 

The Results

The result of creating the website was not only a functional platform where interested visitors can learn about ESR’s technology, but also a new, credible brand that captures the attention of alpha testers to experience their product first hand. Since ESR was introducing a completely new product into the audio experience market, we collaborated with their team to establish an alpha tester sign up system that would enable vested candidates to try out the ResonX by sending them the product by mail. The collective feedback ESR received from the alpha testers would further aid the developments of their audio technology. Through the alpha tester program, ESR’s organic website visitor rate skyrocketed with individuals from all over showing interest in signing up for the alpha tester program. Finally, the new site helped ESR to engage with new B2B opportunities and provide a strong digital foundation for their fundraising efforts.

Headshot of Ethan Castro, CTO of EDGE Sound Research

The team at Free Logic has the most uniquely innovative minds on this planet (2 planets once they arrive on Mars), and I am 100% aware that our company would not have the amount of press, opportunities, or exposure if they weren’t involved. They specialize in taking madman ideas (like mine) and crafting the perfect explanation (with stunning graphics!) so that others can understand my foreign techno-babble. Seriously, if you are trying to communicate with people, you need some Free Logic in your life.

Ethan Castro | Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer of Edge Sound Research

Our Approach

Our first recommendation was to build ESR’s online presence since their website would be the main touchpoint for potential customers, collaborators, and investors. We first approached ESR’s branding by enhancing their logo, originally designed by Abdullah Kassem, and building out their brand colors. This branding guideline would amplify their brand recognition and develop into their website. After completion of their site, we built a scalable infrastructure to make it easy to add ecommerce functionality when ESR is ready for sales for their first product, ResonX. With the help of our implementation of data analytics and tech stacks, ESR would be able to use their website user data findings for future marketing efforts. 

Outside of web creation, our team assisted ESR in their Aurora exhibition, an event that showcased their audio technology to the public for the first time. We helped market and propel this event by filming promotional event videos and creating a pitch video that would be showcased to potential ESR investors.

The Steps to EDGE Sound Research’s New Brand:

  1. Create a brand that appeals to potential customers and partners that showcases their high end product.

  2. Build a website architecture that clearly articulates who they are and their technology’s capabilities.

  3. Display the product vision to educate the market on their new audio technology.

  4. Constantly evolve their technology by capturing user data and feedback.

Creating ESR’s Brand to Introduce Them into the Audio Tech Market​

Since ESR was starting from the ground up, the most important thing to take care of was their branding. Our team wanted to create a brand appeal that would illuminate their technology as a high end product. To fulfill that concept, we used colors such as black to represent futuristic tech, and more muted colors such as orange to represent open mindedness. Additionally, we filled the page with attention grabbing visuals that displayed a skeletal version of their product. Techies and audiophiles alike would be able to dissect and analyze the engineering of their product. But this is not to exclude those that are just in the tech niche; the website would also captivate the interest of individuals with little knowledge in audio technology through interactive elements on the website. With the cross collaborative efforts of ESR’s team and Free Logic, we were able to enhance their logo design, create a whole brand guideline, design and develop their website from scratch, and most importantly, give them a visual element to showcase to investors and stakeholders. Within 4 months, our team was able to successfully portray ESR with the reputation it deserves: a premium, high quality product that was specially crafted through thoughtful engineering to experience audio visuals like no other.

Developing ESR’s Digital Presence to Showcase the Full Range of ResonX​

After developing ESR’s branding, our team tackled building out their website. Through implementing strong brand orientation elements such as high quality animations and edgy messaging, we were able to pull off a website that speaks for itself. We wanted their online site to be an extension of who they are as a brand: edgy, innovative, futuristic, and forward thinking. We not only visually, but also verbally articulated their brand new audio technology. You have to experience it to understand it.

Capturing the Interest of Vested Individuals to Sample the Product ​

Our next step was to tackle growing their business not only online, but also offline. Our team decided the two main business strategies that would be most beneficial to the company was to create a strategy for alpha testing and one for an event exhibition. We needed to build an end-to-end solution for the alpha testing program to onboard alpha testers. Our team integrated an online forum on the ESR website where alpha testers could sign up to test the product. Through a streamlined approach, users would be able to receive the physical product for trial. Their feedback would then be used for product development and data analytics so the ESR team could enhance the product features for the final launch. 

Another sector our team had a hand in was to create media content for ESR’s first public exhibit, the Aurora Project. Our team captured content and created all the marketing collateral necessary to launch a successful event to showcase their product in person for the first time to over 100 people. Through creating promotional event videos and investor pitch videos, the Aurora Project was able to grab the attention of audiophiles, techies, friends, family, and investors from all over. The showcasing event exceeded expectations with the collaboration from Rabcup, Epson, Max Louis Creative, UCR, Riverside Studios, and other artists.

Constantly Evolving​

Complacency is not welcomed at ESR. The team strives to create a product that constantly gets better and better. This evolution is achieved through open communication avenues where users are able to convey their initial thoughts on the first product, ResonX, through the alpha testing program. Additionally, our team implemented data tracking tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tags, and Facebook Pixel to help the team better understand where their users are engaged and where they are coming from. The data tracking tools we implemented would help improve future customer acquisition efforts when ESR begins sales. We heavily utilized heat maps, QA testing, and other data collection tools to understand how consumers perceive the website and their product.

A Heatmap of the EDGE Sound Research Website
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