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The Challenge

When J’Bez approached us, they were just another barbershop in an industry already saturated with competitors. Being that J’Bez was located within walking distance from the University of California, Riverside it would be easy to imagine the ease of client acquisition. But, being a new entrant proved to come with more than a few challenges. Most, if not all, barbershops and salons had brand loyalty from both the university students and long-time locals.

Additionally, there was the issue of seasonality. Being located near the university meant there would be a steady stream of clients who would only be in the area for 9 months out of the year. This would mean the summer months and holidays would have severely reduced foot traffic.

The Results

We took J’Bez from having minimal brand awareness and no clear customer acquisition approach to establishing them as the clear-cut choice for not only students but long-time locals in the area. From a totally new website, organic growth hacking, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, online appointment and payment portals, and beyond. We met our goal of enabling J’Bez to stand out as the clear choice amongst a sea of competitors. Leading to a profitable shop with more brick and mortar locations on the way.  

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“Finding the right partnership or service to take your storefront business into an e-commerce store can be very difficult. In my experience with consulting companies, they do not spend enough time learning the business model and mission to get my website reflecting my storefront. Free Logic has been able to do that and more. With their experience in business and digitalization, I’m confident we can develop a website experience that revolutionizes the way barbershops are run online.”

Gerson Lemus | 

Owner, J’Bez Barbershop & Salon

Our Approach

Our team started off our work with J’Bez by conducting market research on the barbershop industry throughout the Inland Empire and Los Angeles markets. Our research led us to find the barbershop and salon industries have remained largely untouched by digitalization taking every other industry by storm.

This discovery ultimately guided our decision-making process throughout our rebranding and revamping process. We found that when searching for a place to get a haircut, more often than not people trust the locations that are at the top of Google search results, have a clean website design, and an online payment system.

Two Core Pillars of the J'Bez Digital Transformation

1. Leave behind the idea of what a barbershop and salon should look like and how they should perform online.

2. Enable anyone to discover J’Bez by instilling trust through a responsive and fluid online experience backed up by client testimonials and reviews.

Extra, Extra Read All About it

One of our first orders of business was to start treating every client like a walking billboard for J’Bez. As a way to facilitate this, we launched a review reward program. If a client showed any of the barbers in the shop that they had reviewed their recent experience, they would be rewarded with a percentage off of their next visit.

This small effort led to a huge jump in the number of reviews on both Google and Yelp.

Search and You Shall Receive

Through the use of search engine optimization, we established J’Bez as a clear leader in search. We did this by focusing on both high-volume keywords and local search results.

By focusing on high-volume keywords that directed searchers to the newly redesigned J’Bez website, we made them a thought leader in popular haircuts, styles, and hair care. Focusing then on local search results enabled us to be the first touchpoint for any new university student looking for a new hairstyle or trim.

A Website that Doesn’t Suck to Use

We found that most barbershop and salon websites leave out a lot of the imagination. That is of course assuming that there is even a website to look at.

Our goal with creating a client-centric website was to create a site that instills trust in current and future clients through strong brand messaging. A clear brand voice coupled with online booking enabled J’Bez to reduce wait times and increase overall traffic into their physical location.

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