Caravanserai Project

Empowering Growth for Mission-Driven Organizations


Consulting, Education


Consulting, Education


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Lead Generation

Caravanserai Project helps identify, mobilize and provide jet fuel to mission-driven leaders to build sustainable, relevant and future-ready ventures, for profits and nonprofits alike, whose work and leadership will generate irreversible system change.

The Challenge

Caravanserai Project has been empowering mission driven organizations in the Inland Empire for multiple years, and has set eyes on expanding across the United States to support more organizations. However, the online presence and brand identity for Caravanserai Project was a limiting factor to highlighting their offerings in technical assistance, masterclasses, and the SEED Lab program. They required a digital overhaul to establish a stronger brand and a better online user experience for their clients.

The Approach

Our team took on the task of establishing a strong online presence for Caravanserai Project as they begin to scale their programs across the United States. Working closely with the Founders, Mihai and Stephen, we are focusing on two core areas of their digital strategy:

  • A website redesign that is mobile optimized (mobile accounts for over 50% of web traffic), instills trust in current and future customers with strong brand messaging, and which helps new visitors navigate to programs aligned with their needs.

  • A lead gen strategy integrating both advertising and email marketing efforts to create a powerful marketing automation funnel that will help identify, segment, nurture, and convert more online visitors.