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Rehabilitation training programs Infusing Pilates and exercise therapy developed with years of research, experience, and practice to provide you with long-term solutions for back pain and other orthopedic injuries.

The Challenge

PhysioWise was established in 2008, and while the business built a loyal customer base, it did not have a brand identity or structure to scale. In addition, the online presence of PhysioWise was limited and needed a full overhaul to reach more customers and convert more leads.

The Approach

Our team is working to redesign PhysioWise by focusing on three core areas of digital strategy that will help establish a brand and grow the customer base:

  • A brand strategy that focuses on creating a clear brand identity and positioning for PhysioWise that would differentiate from other Pilates and Physical Therapy businesses in the local market.

  • A responsive website that is mobile optimized (mobile accounts for over 50% of web traffic), instills trust in current and future customers with strong brand messaging, and which allows new visitors to easily identify a program aligned with their needs. 

  • A lead gen strategy integrating both advertising and email marketing efforts to create a powerful marketing automation funnel that will help identify, segment, nurture, and convert more online visitors. 

Emily Grene

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