Inland Empire Public Relations

Our team will help select your target audience and messaging in order to choose the best tactics to spread awareness of your brand. Through the use of press releases, social media, content creation, etc., we will help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Press Coverage

We know your brand has a lot to share and deserves publicity, but to get recognized is another hurdle. Our team connects you with news outlets so you can get coverage about your company’s accomplishments in no time. Press coverage will create new outlets for your brand to be heard not only on a local scale, but also a national scale. Don’t stifle your brand’s growth by limiting your scope of publicity to just local viewers; create a bigger reach by getting your business on a national scale.

Media Relations

Working with media outlets to release information about your organization’s mission, policies, and practices can benefit your brand and expand your reach by ten fold. Our team will be responsible for coordinating directly with the correct media coverage outlets to get your brand discovered through major news outlets and websites. We ensure that your brand will always be portrayed in a positive light with the work you do to contribute to the growth of the economy as well as corporate social responsibility practices.

Influencer Marketing

Did you know that influencer marketing is taking over traditional television ads and print? Well don’t fret because the process is simple. We strive to create long term relationships with our partners, sponsors, and brand ambassadors. We want nothing more than for them to believe in your brand, so we will convey to influencers their value in supporting your brand. Better yet, we will strive towards forming long term relationships with those influencers because it’s always better to have an influencer believe in your brand rather than close out the deal as a transaction.

Let's Work Together!

We’re excited to learn more about your brand and take your PR strategy to the next level! Please reach out for a consultation and we will get back to you shortly.