Nonprofits - Packages

New Brand Launch

Are you launching a new nonprofit or considering a rebrand? Let us help you create an impact that will inspire your donors.

Our Process

Here are some questions that we’ll help you answer while we work together:

Q: How do I stand out in the market with a new brand?

A: Market Research
What’s Included: Gap Analysis, Customer Segmentation, Competitor Analysis, Online Ranking Audit, GIS Analysis

To launch a successful brand, it is important to understand how your company can differentiate itself in the market. With the use of location-based analytics and online data scraping, we will analyze your competitors, the various market conditions, and customer segments to position your brand for success. 

Q: How do I make a brand worth talking about?

A: Brand Strategy

What’s Included: Brand styleguide, logo, brand messaging

Using our market research, we will help determine your brand story, personality, and positioning. A logo and a brand style guide will be developed in this stage.

Q: How do I ensure my customers have the best experience?

A: Customer Journey Map

Customer experience is every interaction people have with your brand and creates a lasting impression in consumers’ minds. We will design a customer journey to address all of your customers’ touchpoints and design the best user experience (UX) for your website.

Q: How do I build the best website for my organization?

A: The Free Logic Approach to Web Design

What’s Included: Wireframes, WordPress Website, Search Engine Optimization, Website analytics, website hosting & maintenance

We will design wireframes and a responsive website based on your customer journey. Your website will integrate all the necessary tools for analytics, email capture, and SEO. Once the website is complete, we will provide your team training on how to maintain and update the site. 


Q: How do I find technical assistance to help my team thrive into the future?

A: Lead Generation Strategy

What’s Included: Email Marketing, Facebook & google advertising, advanced search engine optimization, marketing automation

Now that your new brand has been launched, we will focus our efforts on amplifying your mission. We will provide on-demand support in areas such as content strategy, SEO, email marketing, blog strategy, and more.