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Technical Assistance

Are you looking for a specialist to enable the use of technology? Let us help you empower your team to maneuver the digital space.  

Our Process

Here are some questions that we’ll help you answer while we work together:

Q: How do I know what technical assistance my team needs?

A: Discovery Call

We start every technical assistance relationship with a discovery call to learn about your organization’s objectives and pain points that are holding you back from achieving growth.  This 60 minute call is an open discussion that will be guided by a series of questions focused on business strategy, available resources, and skill set gaps.

Q: How do I plan out all my digital marketing activities to continue my growth?

A: Digital Strategy Roadmap

Based on our discovery call, we will design a 6-month timeline for all marketing and business activities required to reach your goals. We will make sure the timeline takes into consideration any constraints your organization may have regarding human capital, skill sets, or available budgets. 

Q: How do I ensure my team has all the knowledge necessary to succeed in the digital era?

A: On-Demand Technical Assistance & Training

Our team will provide on-demand training sessions for any digital strategy or technology applications that your organization needs to thrive.