What are the Benefits of Using Paid Search Services?

The benefits of using paid search services are its good accountability, highly targeted, easy integration, and faster. Although your business may benefit from Paid Search Services faster, it is important to note that SEO can help with the long term growth of your website. To understand what your website needs, read further: 

1. Paid Search has good accountability

As long as you are using a good tracking system, the ROI (Return on Investment) for individual keywords can be tracked right through the platform you decide to use. Some platforms that can work for your business include GoogleAds, WordStream, or SEMRush.

Read more about the platforms here.

2. Paid Search is highly targeted

When you are using third-party platforms, you are able to find highly targeted keywords that fit your business needs. The platforms will tell you a combination of the bid amount and quality score making it easy for you to pick keywords that are not competitive or pose a low risk to entry.

3. Paid search has easy integration

As opposed to SEO, Paid Search Services do not require as much maintenance to show results. SEO relies on ongoing performance to measure growth. However, paid search services do not require as much maintenance, and instead require refinement once in a while. The set up for paid search services will take longer at the start, but will take less time to maintain once it’s up and running. 

4. Paid Search is faster

Paid search services are faster than SEO. Search Engine Optimization generally takes longer to make a significant impact and is unpredictable in nature. The growth of SEO can take months or even years. Alternatively, PPC can instantly drive traffic in one day because it’s highly targeted and is able to appear in search results almost immediately.

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What is Paid Search?

Paid search allows businesses to advertise on sponsored listings of search engines or partner sites. This is achieved through paying sites either by pay per click advertising (taken from The Brew’s What is Paid Search Marketing article).

How does paid search relate to Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

Paid search is generally the same as PPC (Pay-Per-Click). PPC requires the advertiser to pay for the cost of each click. This is not to be confused with SEO. Search Engine Optimization is an organic approach to gaining website traffic. Additionally, SEO can get you more traffic than PPC because it is an ongoing process of ranking the website’s highest keywords. As opposed to Paid Search, your website will only create traffic for the keywords you spent money on. 

Where Can I Find Paid Search Tools?

Paid search tools include Google Adwords, SEMRush, and WordStream. To read more about how each platform has a specialized use case for your business need, click here.

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