Why Your Business Needs Paid Search Marketing

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Most businesses do not have the time to wait around for paid search marketing to grow organically. This is why the value of paid search marketing is important for your business to grow fast and be highly targeted. 

The benefits of paid search marketing for your business are:

1. Increased Traffic

By purchasing ads for your business, you can increase traffic directed towards you search engine results page (SERP). This is different from organic marketing because it takes time to grow while Paid Search Marketing or PPC (Pay Per Click) makes it easy to secure a spot on the ad page. Organic Marketing takes longer to get people to your webpage because there are millions of keywords generated per day that your website competes with. With paid search, you can quickly influence the ad placement and who the ad appears to. 

2. Highly Targeted

With paid search marketing, your business will be able to create highly targeted ads. This is especially useful if your brand is niche and offers certain specialties. Google helps with targeting your audience based on your viewers’ interest and their previous search results. This type of targeting is highly effective for your brand because it brings ongoing, specialized ads to those viewers who showed interest. 

3. ECommerce Store

The most common usage of paid search marketing comes with having an e-commerce store. Your business can put ad money into items that your brand more commonly sells such as “sustainable footwear” or “wallet phone cases.” In this way, your brand’s item will show up on the top of the search results capturing the potential customers attention before they get to another brand’s item. 

Woman using laptop doing ecommerce for paid search marketing in café.

What are some paid search marketing platforms?

Paid Search Marketing platforms will become very useful for your business as it continues to expand. With more content on your website, it creates more opportunity to gain a bigger reach from potential customers across all audiences. 

Here are some paid search marketing platforms:

Google Ads

The benefits of using Google Ads for paid search marketing are endless. For one, it increases leads and customers because it allows you to target those individuals that are searching for what your business offers. It is an ongoing process as Google Ads will continue to refine the search to only those that are interested in your products or services. Additionally, you get a high return on investment because it only makes you pay for ads people click on. Lastly, Google Ads work fast because of the highly targeted ad campaigns. With the Google Ads dashboard, you can see information such as ads clicked, the keywords that rank well, and the cost of clicks. 

Bing Ads

For those that want to double up on the paid search marketing platforms, using both Microsoft Ads (formerly known as Bing Ads) and Google Ads could reinforce your ad model. The main benefit with Bing Ads is the price point. As opposed to Google Ads, Microsoft Ads’ PPC is cheaper because it has less competition. With that, there is better ad placement because there are less competitors to outdo. Additionally, Microsoft Ads also lets your business create campaigns in different time zones. 

Person on desktop using Paid Search Marketing on Google Ads