How Google SEO Works: The Complete Guide

Google SEO is what most SEO content discusses. Since it is the most widely used search engine, most people care about ranking highly on it in particular. 

Technically each search engine has its own unique way of ranking sites. Google is different from Bing which is different from Yahoo, and so on. Your site can rank differently on each one depending on which techniques are used.

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Can you SEO optimize for more than one search engine at the same time?

The answer is yes! In order to do this however you must understand the main differences between what they are looking for. As stated previously, Google is the largest search engine, so it should be your top priority to optimize in. Google’s competitors don’t even come close in the number of users so to choose two search engines that are different would be a disservice. 

Here are some paid search marketing platforms:

Google vs Bing

Google’s main competitor is Bing. In order to rank for both, you must understand how they’re ranking algorithms differ. To start, they handle keywords differently. Google SEO aims to understand the relevancy of the content that surrounds a keyword. Bing on the other hand, still uses targeted keywords as a component. So targeted keywords will work in Bing but not so much in Google which is where content and semantic or similar keywords will help.

How they read backlinks is also different. Google SEO places high importance on the quality of the back link. Each quality link is an affirmation of your content and site. They build confidence in both sites. But if Google sees you have a lot of backlinks to random sites that are not quality then it will understand this as artificial link building. This is when sites create other sites to link back to in order to manipulate the search engine rankings. Google actually penalizes for this and lowers rankings for this. Bing on the other hand does not have this. It takes into account the quantity as well as quality of links. So it is still important to have high quality links but you can also have an abundance of medium or slightly lower quality links that will play a beneficial role in the rankings. 

Social media pages are also something that you can use to rank on both. This is a good strategy to use to get higher rankings on Bing without hurting your Google rankings. Bing cares more about social media presence. It will rank you higher for better quality and consistent content on social media. Google on the other hand does not rank this as highly, however, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have this for your Google rankings. 

Another huge distinction between the two is how they read what type of content you have. Google is very text focused and ranks longer text heavy content higher than other forms. Bing on the other hand is able to read different types of content, including images and video. The more variety you have the higher your ranking on Bing will be.

Yahoo! Search Engine

Yahoo! Is much like Bing and is Google’s second competitor. There are minor differences between Bing and Yahoo! However, if you optimize for Bing you will most likely rank highly on Yahoo since they use the same process. 

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Google SEO Certificate

There is a free course offered by Google that can teach you all about how Google optimizes. Once the course is completed you receive a certificate that shows your completion and understanding of the course. It is a great tool for those who are new to SEO or want a deeper understanding of it.