How to Properly Use Keyword Planners

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Keyword planners offer many great services to aid in SEO implementation and in this article we go into how exactly they should be used.

Phone screen showing analytics which is one service that keyword planners offer.

What are Keyword Planners?

Google keyword planner is a SEO tool used to aid keyword research. It allows you to find related keywords to your business or content and view details about it such as the amount of searches it receives or the cost to target it. 

Why is a Keyword Planner Useful?

Keyword planners aim to help the process of keyword research. They generate relevant keywords to your site and give statistics and details that are critical in understanding your best options and selecting an approach. With information such as average monthly searches, competition, prices high and low, etc. you can better determine which keywords will work best for you and the best way to organize your content around them.

Keyboard used for keyword research

What Exactly Can Google Keyword Planner Show You?

Google keyword planner can help you find keywords according to your audience and budget. It also allows you to select where the data is coming from and filter out words that you don’t want to see in your results. 

Language is also a filter that can be used and searched for when needing to target keywords for different languages. This is especially useful if a business has many customers from different ethnic backgrounds that search in different languages. 

It can show you the exact number of searches a keyword has. Normally it shows a large range of search volume but people have figured out ways to make it show exact numbers so that you can compare keywords in the same ranges. 

You can search information for multiple keywords at the same time. This allows you to compare them side by side and see which ones are best for you. 

Keyword planner allows you to find the questions that people actually search. Many websites, like Answerthepublic, do this and are highly used. There is a way of also doing this on keyword planner. If you find the terms that people search for then you can answer them in your content and help your rankings. 

It also allows you to see the number of searches in a localized area for a certain word or phrase. Most SEO tools do not offer this feature and being able to rank highly on local SEO is highly effective for conversions. It can also allow you to compare different areas to each other down to the city level. So you can see who you should be creating content for and where. 

Keyword Generators Outside of Google Keyword Planner

There are many other Keyword generators that also give the same information as the Google version. Google only allows users with active GoogleAds accounts to use the keyword planner. So many people go in search of an alternative. There are many others that work just as well and provide the same aid in the keyword research process. 

A few popular ones are:

  1. Ahref
  2. SEMrush
  3. Moz