What is SEO Marketing?

Search engine optimization uses different strategies to help a website rank higher in search engines. It is heavily used in digital marketing to drive traffic to websites, build relationships with customers, and convert sales. 

Tools needed for SEO Marketing

How exactly does this happen?

SEO marketing using different elements such as keywords, backlinks, etc. to come up higher on search engines. The goal is to rank as high as you can in order for more people to see your site. The more people see it, the more likely more will click on it and give your site organic traffic. 

Why is a SEO Marketing Important?

Google is used by millions of people everyday. Many people search things and click on the top ranked pages that come up. Most businesses are implementing SEO and so if not used at all you may fall short of your competition and be losing visitors and sales. Compared to traditional marketing techniques, SEO has been found to create more conversions by a large margin than any other strategy. 

Is it Actually Effective?

SEO marketing has been found to be highly effective, especially local SEO. Local SEO is changes that you can make directly to your webpage to help optimize it. Ranking on local SEO will allow more people in your area to find you and organically drive them to your website. Many people ignore paid ads, up to 80%, and look for what search engines bring up on their own. There is more trust and confidence going to an organically brought up site than an ad to most people.

Is this something anyone can do?

The answer is yes! There are many levels to SEO marketing but even the most basic changes to your website can create a high impact. As mentioned before, keywords are a vital part of SEO rankings. You must first decide what you want to rank for when searched. Researching keywords and using SEO tools can help you better understand the process. You want to find keywords that have lower competition and high search volumes vs. high search volume but high competition. This will allow you to easily rank higher with less competition. Once you have your keywords decided it will determine how you write and create your content. Relevant content to your keyword is a necessary part in ranking highly. You can use semantic keywords in your content which are keywords similar to yours. 

Computer screen showing quote that shows anyone can do SEO.
Search Engine Optimization Techniques

There are many techniques to SEO but the basic ones fall into two main categories:

On-Page SEO

The first is on-page SEO which are techniques that you can apply directly to your website yourself. The main ones being keyword targeting and implementation, which is using keywords within your content correctly and creating relevant content around it. Semantic keywords should also be used to help boost SEO. 

Content creation is also something that Google focuses on. With this consistency is key. The more content you push out, the more searches you rank for. Google rewards those that maintain their sites and continue to update it. 

Page speed is also something that affects rankings. Many people who are new to SEO often forget about this but the faster your site is, the better it ranks. Site speed is part of user experience. If users find sites difficult to use or slow they are more likely to leave the page. It has been found that 1 second of extra loading time and conversions fall drastically. There are many ways to improve site speed and they can be easily searched.

Off-Page SEO

The second is off-page SEO which are the techniques that don’t take place on your website. 

This includes link building, which is creating links from your site to other websites and vice versa to help each other build credibility to search engines. It is important that these links be relevant to your content. The more backlinks you have, the higher credibility.

Social media marketing is another off-page technique. Social media helps create different pages and accounts that your site or business appears on the search engines. The more credible mentions you have the better. 

Email marketing is also used to help with SEO. It is an easy way to create conversions to your site. The more emails you send to people with your website in it, the more clicks you will be able to get from them. Email marketing is extremely effective for the cost. It is not very expensive and gives people more visitors than if they weren’t using it. It also pairs greatly with SEO because of this.