Our Services

Whether you are a growing small-medium business, startup, or social impact organization, we provide everything you need to thrive.


Web Design & Development

A website is a central piece to a strong online presence and the first impression most people will have of your company. Building a scalable and well designed website is essential to create brand awareness and sell products online. We build quality websites designed to establish a strong foundation for your online presence.

UX Design

UI Design


Responsive Design



A laptop mockup of the EDGE Sound Research Website

EDGE Sound Research


Lead Generation

Building end to end customer acquisition funnels which focus on first building awareness to your products or services, educating customers when considering best option for them, reinforcing a purchase, and building on customer satisfaction for retention and purchases to build them into advocates.

Ad Strategy

Landing Page Design

Data Analytics

Ad Asset Creation

Email Automation

Performance Reporting

A laptop mockup of the Caravanserai Project Website



Content Creation

To amplify your brand’s reach, it is important to create high quality content aligned with the interests of your customers & stakeholders. That's why the team at Free Logic Studios specializes in photography, videography & podcasting for use throughout your website & marketing channels.

Commercial Shoots

Drone & Aerial Production

Podcasts & Webshows

Social Media Content

Live & Virtual Events

Product & Lifestyle Photography


Business Strategy

Building scalable frameworks based on a long term plan that can generate the most value for the company. These are designed by first understanding goals and objectives of the company and all available resources that can be put together for the most maximum result.

Company Audit

Resource Alignment

Market Research

Key Performance Indicators

2 barbers giving 1 man a haircut in J'Bez Barbershop

J'Bez Barbershop


Tech Management

Understanding the essential business needs and implementing technology to automate routine tasks and improve the effectiveness of available resources.

Technology Audit

Website Security

API Integration

Database Management

Website Hosting

Tech Stack Frameworks

A laptop mockup of the Emily Grene Website

Emily Grene

Who Are You?

Small Business

Coming from families of small business owners, our team understands the importance of small businesses and how to help them thrive.


Our team sees everyday as an opportunity to innovate and push boundaries. We understand the lean approach a startup needs to build credibility and gain traction.

Social Impact

Making a positive impact in our community is at the forefront of all our decisions. For this reason, our team cherishes social impact organizations.


Building a successful business no longer needs a physical location. We are at the intersection between in-store experiences & scalable online infrastructures.