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Omni-Channel Development

Are you looking to stay relevant in the digital era? Let us build you a brand that leverages on- and offline experiences that generates long-term business growth.

Our Process

Here are some questions that we’ll help you answer while we work together:

Q: How do I get started on merging my in-store and online experience?

A: Market Research
What’s Included: Gap Analysis, Customer Segmentation, Competitor Analysis, Online Ranking Audit, GIS Analysis

To integrate the best in-store and online experience,  it is important to first understand how your market is evolving. With the use of location-based analytics and online data scraping, we will analyze your competitors, the various market conditions, and customer segments to identify how to build the best omni-channel experience for your business. 

Q: How do I create memorable customer experiences?

A: Customer Journey Map

Customer experience is every interaction people have with your brand and creates a lasting impression in consumers’ minds. We will design a customer journey to address all of your customers’ touchpoints and design the best user experience (UX) for your omni-channel presence.

Q: How do I know what technology I should use for my business?

A: Technology Gap Audit

What’s Included: Technology Integration

Understanding the customer journey allows us to identify what technology we will use to connect the digital world with your in-store experience. This includes POS Systems, Booking Systems, IOT Systems, etc.

Q: How do I build the best website for an omni-channel presence?

A: The Free Logic Approach to Web Design

What’s Included: Wireframes, WordPress Website, Search Engine Optimization, Website analytics, website hosting & maintenance

We will design wireframes and a responsive website based on your customer journey. Your website will integrate all the necessary technology and tools your business will need to scale. Once the website with all the technology integration is completed, we will provide your team with the necessary training needed to maintain and update your omni-channel presence.  

Q: How do I attract more customers and grow my sales?

A: Lead Generation Strategy

What’s Included: Email Marketing, Facebook & google advertising, advanced search engine optimization, marketing automation

After a successful launch of the omni-channel platform, we will focus our efforts on growing your business. We will utilize PPC, email marketing, and SEO to build a lead generation system that uses automation tools to attract, convert, and nurture customers.