Free Logic is a Digital Strategy Consultancy

We're here to level the playing field and turn your ideas into reality.

Designing digital strategies to position your brand for success. Through our bold and innovative approach, we are guiding a budding community to thrive.

Building Relationships,
Not Quick Transactions

Small Businesses

From families of small business owners, our team understands the importance of small businesses and how to help them prosper.


Our team sees everyday as an opportunity to innovate and push boundaries. We understand the lean approach a startup needs to build credibility and gain traction.


Making a positive impact in our community is at the forefront of all our decisions. This is why our team cherishes mission-driven organizations.


Free Logic was founded by a group of creatives. Our passion for design, music, and film-making is what has brought us together.

Case Studies

A Digital Experience Revamp

Web Development, Campaign Design, Ad Strategy & Analytics

Emily Grene approached us for assistance in modernizing their digital strategy and online persona. While the company was proving successful within the B2B market, there was a clear lack of focus on a digital strategy that would ensure sustainable growth from an online presence.

Digitizing a Barbershop

Web Design, SEO & Market Research

Traditional businesses restrict their growth by not investing into technology. J’Bez aimed to shake up the traditional approach to barbering. By partnering with Free Logic to build digital strategies and implement new technologies, J’Bez has become one of the top barbershops in Riverside, CA in under 2 years.

Our Story

Having gained experience at some of the world’s top firms, we’re now using our expertise to level the playing field for aspiring brands and businesses

“Free Logic has a rare combination of big agency expertise – thoughtful strategy, imaginative design, production horsepower, and insightful digital marketing prowess – with a scrappy flair and a can-do attitude. No task has been too difficult for Free Logic, and they have worked with me one-on-one to overcome all of the obstacles that we encountered along the way. Having been their client from the very beginning of a Fortune 500 rebrand, I can honestly say that I have taken them to task and put them through pretty much every test imaginable. They continue to amaze me with what they do, how they do it and their attitude throughout it all.”

Deanna Masiar

Director of Marketing, Emily Grene